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Inscription Rock Trading & Coffee Co.
“Paso Por Aqui” (Passed By Here)

It was a Summer evening in 1996, the sunset's soft orange, golden light against turquoise sky, and pearlescent cumulus clouds. I was driving East on NM 53 with our young son, Walker. We had been to the Zuni Pueblo to purchase some hand-carved turquoise Bears by our friend, Sal Yuselew, for our Nashville store. I stopped at a café to use a payphone in El Morro to call my husband, Jon.  As I was describing the incredibly beautiful sunset, it began to softly snow - in July. It was so quiet, you could hear the swirling snowflakes falling to earth.


Two weeks later Jon, Walker and I returned to the timeless Sandstone Mesas, and valleys blanketed by Chamisa, Pinon and Juniper to purchase 30 acres for our home.


In September 2001, we were driving cross country in two large U-Haul trucks loaded with our home and our business, and pulling a stock trailer with three dogs, one pig and a goat that were bedded down inside. Upon our arrival in New Mexico we stored our possessions, and with the help of our our new neighbor and friend Dean Woodard, we built a metal pole barn with a small living area inside. We moved our things into the remaining space and started cutting and hauling firewood for the imminent Winter.

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